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How to Resolve Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102?

Lexmark is one of the highly demanded printer device among the users around the world. It is a company which manufactures laser printers and many other imaging products. As Lexmark is one of the leading name in the world of printer industry. However, the company offers printers at affordable prices with advanced features which completes the printing requirements. Well, demanded things can't be perfect all the time, while using the Lexmark printers, users came across with many issues which are quite common. Out of all the common errors, one is Lexmark printer error code 1102. However, to resolve this error is not a tricky task for anyone. 

Nevertheless, the Lexmark printer error code 1102 is usually occurs on the screen when users refilled the Lexmark printer color and black carts. Afterwards whenever they tried 2 sets of the new real Lexmark carts.  Once done, both new sets throws an error code or message on the screen which says 'Unsupported Cartridges' and unable to print a paper regardless of having the genuine fitted into it. In general, the Lexmark printer error code 1102 indicates that a printer users are facing lots of problem in refilling the color and black cartridges in the printer. 

Causes of Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102

There are various causes behind the occurrence of Lexmark printer error code 1102. Few of them are discussed below: 

        If the power cord of the printer is not working properly.
        Wrongly place the print head on the Lexmark printer.
        Improper power supply on the printer or system.
        If anyone has built-up a incorrect or wrong position of the printing cartridges. 

Underneath are some troubleshooting steps which help you in fixing the Lexmark printer error code 1102 without facing any hurdle or trouble.  

Ways to Resolve Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102

Below we provide different ways of troubleshooting the error, but before continue with the process, we suggest you to use the steps in the proper series as discussed below. To make process easy and simple. Here how to resolve the error code 1102: 

Method-1: Reinsert the Print Cartridges 

Firstly, insert the print cartridges on the printer, and for this, one may need to follow the below given steps:
1.       Try to remove the print cartridges from the printer.
2.       Once done, carefully close the carrier lids of the printer cartridge.
3.       Then, detach the power cord of the printer from the power supply.
4.       Wait for few seconds and again connect the power cord into the power plug.
5.       Once you completed all the given steps, try to print with the printer, error code 1102 must have resolved from the screen. 

Method-2: Change Black Print Cartridge with a new one

After completing the aforementioned steps, if the error continues appears on the screen, here you have to change the black print cartridges with the new one. For this, follow the below given steps:
1.       Firstly, attempt to reinsert the color print cartridges on the printer.
2.       In case, error reoccurs on the screen, try to change the color print cartridge with a newest color.

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