Sunday, April 28, 2019

How to Resolve Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102?

Lexmark is one of the highly demanded printer device among the users around the world. It is a company which manufactures laser printers and many other imaging products. As Lexmark is one of the leading name in the world of printer industry. However, the company offers printers at affordable prices with advanced features which completes the printing requirements. Well, demanded things can't be perfect all the time, while using the Lexmark printers, users came across with many issues which are quite common. Out of all the common errors, one is Lexmark printer error code 1102. However, to resolve this error is not a tricky task for anyone. 

Nevertheless, the Lexmark printer error code 1102 is usually occurs on the screen when users refilled the Lexmark printer color and black carts. Afterwards whenever they tried 2 sets of the new real Lexmark carts.  Once done, both new sets throws an error code or message on the screen which says 'Unsupported Cartridges' and unable to print a paper regardless of having the genuine fitted into it. In general, the Lexmark printer error code 1102 indicates that a printer users are facing lots of problem in refilling the color and black cartridges in the printer. 

Causes of Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102

There are various causes behind the occurrence of Lexmark printer error code 1102. Few of them are discussed below: 

        If the power cord of the printer is not working properly.
        Wrongly place the print head on the Lexmark printer.
        Improper power supply on the printer or system.
        If anyone has built-up a incorrect or wrong position of the printing cartridges. 

Underneath are some troubleshooting steps which help you in fixing the Lexmark printer error code 1102 without facing any hurdle or trouble.  

Ways to Resolve Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102

Below we provide different ways of troubleshooting the error, but before continue with the process, we suggest you to use the steps in the proper series as discussed below. To make process easy and simple. Here how to resolve the error code 1102: 

Method-1: Reinsert the Print Cartridges 

Firstly, insert the print cartridges on the printer, and for this, one may need to follow the below given steps:
1.       Try to remove the print cartridges from the printer.
2.       Once done, carefully close the carrier lids of the printer cartridge.
3.       Then, detach the power cord of the printer from the power supply.
4.       Wait for few seconds and again connect the power cord into the power plug.
5.       Once you completed all the given steps, try to print with the printer, error code 1102 must have resolved from the screen. 

Method-2: Change Black Print Cartridge with a new one

After completing the aforementioned steps, if the error continues appears on the screen, here you have to change the black print cartridges with the new one. For this, follow the below given steps:
1.       Firstly, attempt to reinsert the color print cartridges on the printer.
2.       In case, error reoccurs on the screen, try to change the color print cartridge with a newest color.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error Code 28?

A printer is a machine which helps the users in converting text and graphics from a system to a piece of paper or make a soft copy from hard copy with the use of ink cartridges and toners. These days, printers are the most useful and helpful device for everyone, printers make personal, professional, and business works easy and simple. However, the printer always requires an A4 size paper for printing all your documents. Printer nowadays becomes a necessity as of this various printers brands are available in the market or over the internet across the globe. Amongst all the Printers, HP is a renowned name for serving quality and advanced features printers with best customer service. Apart from many other features, HP printers are also thrown some error codes while printing or accessing the printer.

However, one such error is HP Printer error code 28; this is one of the most common printer error which might affect or stop the smooth printing experience of the users. This HP Printer error code 28 encounters by numerous HP printer users. Generally, this error occurs when the device drivers are not properly installed on the device. In this case, the device manager contents are unidentified and show a message in its Device Status box as 'The Drivers for This Device Are Not Installed Properly. Nevertheless, in many cases, when the error displayed on the screen, it is very much significant to mention that error code 28 as in most cases do not have the newest device's drivers installed on the printer. Thus, installation is the only technique to fix this issue.

Here are some resolving steps which help you in fixing the HP Printer error code 28. Below we provide a proper guide for solving how to troubleshoot HP Printer error code 28. The steps are discussed below. 

Solutions to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error Code 28  

Underneath some troubleshooting steps which many times consume much time and more difficult to follow without any guidance. Therefore, we suggest you follow the steps in the given sequence as mentioned below to avoid trouble or creating any other error. Here how to do it: 

Solution-1: Update the Device Drivers

In order to troubleshoot this HP printer error code 28, users need to install a suitable driver on their system; probably, this method is very much useful and effective. To download the latest drivers, users don't have a CD; instead, they have to download the latest driver version. For this, you may need to follow a few simple steps which are given below: 

1.       Firstly, you have to download the latest driver manually via official downloadable websites.
2.       After that, run the 'setup.exe file' or executable file which you have recently downloaded.
3.       In case, executable files are not appearing in the download folder; you need to run the 'Device Manager' to search for the device you need from the given list.
4.       For this, right press on it and click on the 'Properties' option.
5.       Then, switch to the 'Driver' tab.
6.       Lastly, tap on 'Update Driver' button.
7.       Once the driver is successfully updated, restart your system. 

Bella Williams, an employee currently living in USA and working at a top email service provider company in the day, and a technical writer at night. I am passionate about writing troubleshooting tips, beginner’s guides, news, and other articles on varied topics like HP Printer Support, HP Printer Customer Support etc.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Pokemon GO: Prepare For New Safari Research Mode With Exclusive Backpacks

Pokemon trainers have been bombarded with exclusive events like Eggstravaganza Event, Leader Battles, Field Research Tasks and reportedly spotting of Shiny Lapras worldwide.  Still contradicting all the odds, Niantic is set to reveal its exclusive new Safari Research Event.
This time around players will be able to rally out for some more exclusive research tasks associated with Safari theme.  A reliable Twitter handle namely Chrales leaked some of the upcoming Safari Research quests which players can refer from below to assure the successful completion of the Safari Research task. Moreover, all the players who are currently located in Singapore can take part in Sentosa event and obtain themselves a shiny Shuckles Pokemon.
 The below-mentioned quest is quite simple, and players will be able to achieve them in no time, but an exciting thing to keep in mind is that the Spin Pokemon task is more like Pokestops and players will be able to access resources by spinning the wheel.

Safari Research Tasks

        Earn Candy while walking with your companion Pokemon inside the Safari Zone.
        Catch a Pokemon.
        Catch a Pokemon by using Berries.
        Send a preset to your friends.
        Hatch Eggs.
        Use Nanab Berries while catching a Pokemon.
        Use Pinap Berries while catching a Pokemon.
The latest Tweet posted by Cheales also suggested that regular players of Pokemon GO would also be witnessing some exclusive new move sets and we have some of the speculated moves aforementioned below. Pokemon GO trainers can refer to the below-mentioned list of new move to ensure some good strategies for their future gameplay.
1. Earth Power
2. Crabhammer
3. Lunge
4. Crush Claw
5. Skull Bash
6. Super Power
7. Drain Punch
8. Muddy Water
9. Mirror Shot
10. Octazooka
11. Blaze Kick
12. Shadow Bone
13. Leech Life
14. Fell Stinger
In addition to the moves as mentioned above and exclusive events, Pokemon GO fans can also experience a unique useable item. This cosmetic item features an egg-based backpack which allows players to carry their items during an expedition.
An important aspect to consider for this newegg themed backpack is that it would provide regular storage capacity for players to carry a usual number of items in a game. But surely this new bag would allow players to flaunt their egg themed backpacks during the Eggstravaganza event.
Currently, no confirmed price or inclusion date is known for this new item, but surely this new cosmetic addition to the title would allow players to enjoy the popular mobile AR style title Pokemon GO.
Already Niantic has featured new generation four and five Pokemon to the title and with the inclusion of latest suggested moonsets, players will be able to enjoy much more significant interactions in the game and end up with multiple skills to choose from which would surely help players in diversifying their gameplay. 
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