Thursday, April 4, 2019

How to Listen to Audible Audiobooks on Windows PC?

If you work on your computer for long hours, then you can relax a little by listening to your favorite books. Audible is packed with a lot of audiobooks in an array of categories. While it is primarily for mobile phones, you can even access it from your desktop. You may not have your phone with you always or may want to listen to a book while working on your research, and in these cases, you can listen to the Audiobook from your computer.
For accessing Audible, one needs to sign in with their Amazon account. In case they do not have one, then they can sign up after opening the Audible website.
In this article, we will go through the process of getting Audible on Windows PC, accessing Audio Books library, and listening to books from Audible.
1. Listen Directly from
Make sure your Windows PC is connected to the internet, and launch the web browser. Open the website -, and you can start listening to your favorite books directly from the website. After signing up for the account, you shall get one free audiobook.
Here are the steps you need to follow for listening to audiobooks on Windows PC:
·         Browse to the website
·         Sign in or sign up.
·         Click on the Library tab.
·         Select Library from the drop-down menu.
·         Select the audiobook that you have bought.
·         Click on the orange colored play option located below the thumbnail of the selected audiobook.
 The audio player is rather good, and it allows you to listen to books from the Audible website. This is known as Audible Cloud Player.
2. Audible app for Windows
Another way to access Audible on your computer is to install the Audible app from the Microsoft Store. Since Windows 10 version hit the shelves, the Microsoft Store has been playing an active role in enhancing the user experience of Windows PC users. The Microsoft Store is packed with applications for games, music, productivity, and a lot more.
The Audible application can be downloaded for free and will work smoothly on your Windows 10 desktop and laptop.
This is an amazing method of getting Audible on the computer because then one can easily play the app's unique audio file extensions. The app also syncs the audiobooks library and stores them in a neat way.

3. Audible Download Manager
In case you wish to listen to books when you are not connected to the internet or add the books to any player such as iTunes player, then you should go for the Audio Download Manager.
Download and install the Audible Download Manager on your Windows 10 device. After that, you can visit the library from the Audible website. Just hit the download option located next to the book you want to download. This will prompt the Audible Download Manager to launch and save the file in the respective location.
The downloaded audio files shall be in Audible Audio file format, and they can only be launched in specific apps. These files can be imported to supported players like iTunes. This way, you can listen to audio books even when you are offline.
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