Thursday, October 31, 2019

How to Convert Your M4A Files to MP3?

Want to change the M4A music files to the standard MP3 format? If yes, then you are in the right place. Do you know that M4A is not that much popular? When you get a DRM free music from Apple’s iTunes music store, the format you get is M4A. That means you can’t play them on other music player apps and devices. In order to improve the compatibility of the M4A songs, you must change them to the MP3 version. This process isn’t very tricky, and you should be able to convert your songs with the help of third-party apps. There are several online mp3 converter websites that can be used to change the format of your playlist. Let’s take a closer look at how the process goes.

Step 1: Choose the M4A File
There are numerous online MP3 converter tools that can easily convert your files to MP3. However, online converter tools will consume a lot of internet data usage. If you have a powerful Wi-Fi, then you can use the online tools to get your work done since data consumption will not be an issue. We will recommend you the Cloud Convert online converter because it is fast and straightforward. Follow the below steps to convert M4A files to MP4: 

1.       Open your favorite internet browser and then go to 
2.       On its home screen, press the Select File button. This will allow you to import your M4A files to their server. 
3.       After that, choose the files that you want to convert. 
4.       If you have uploaded your favorite music on cloud storage services such as Google Drive, DropBox, and more, then you can also import files from those platforms. To import files from online storage, click on the down button.

Step 2: Modify the Output preferences

Once the M4A files are imported to the server, you are ready to tweak the preferences according to your choice and requirements. Press the file format arrow option and then choose the MP3 file quality according to your choice. The default format will be with the MP3 at a bit rate of 220 KBPS and 250 KBPS. 
To change the output file quality, tap the wrench icon located beside the drop-down menu. Once you are satisfied with the chosen quality, hit the Okay button situated on the lower-right corner. 

Step 3: Transforming the M4A files to MP3 

 To convert files to mp3, hit the Start button. It is situated on the right side of the website. The process will initiate, and it will merely take a few seconds to complete. The file will be ready to download once the conversion is done. 

Step 4: Save Your Converted MP3 Songs

You can directly download the converted songs from the server. The files will be stored to the default Downloads folder on your computer. This tool can also be utilized on mobile devices as well as on tablets.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Fortnite Season 11: How to Change Screen Size?

Fortnite has been a trendsetter among the already well-renowned battle-royale games. Developed by Epic Games, the game has over 250 million players all over the world. Epic Games adopted a brilliant strategy for the latest season’s inauguration as they shut down the game servers for several hours. Fans across the globe lost their minds over what was happening, and the game, even in a non-functioning state, managed to stay on everyone’s psyche. 

The wait for the season reveals proved to be worth as the latest season has brought in a whole lot of exciting functions and features for the players. However, if you are facing any issue regarding the screen size for Fortnite, then do not falter as we will guide you through it. Read through the article and find out how to fix the issue.

·         Screen Size trouble in PC
In case you are playing Fortnite on your PC, then the issue might have been caused by Epic Games’ minor game reset. This may have reverted or modified your settings a bit. Window mode is one such setting that looks to have been enabled for some players. The issue is a minor one and can be fixed instantly. Here is how you can get your designated screen size quickly:

1.       Go to the Fortnite menu.
2.       Launch the “Settings” tab.
3.       Go to the “Video” window.
4.       Look for “Window Mode.”
5.       Switch your screen from Windowed to Fullscreen via the right arrow.
·         Screen Size trouble in PS4
 If you own a PS$, then you may notice that the edge of the game looks to be chopped off. You can resolve the zooming issue with following steps:

1.       Launch Fortnite and reach the menu.
2.       Open the “Settings” window.
3.       Go to the “Game” tab.
4.       Switch the Uncap Framerate back to “On.”
5.       Switch Invert View tab to “On” as well.
·         Screen Size trouble in Xbox One
The issue continues with Xbox One players as well; however, they might see this outside the game. Here are quick steps to resolve the problem in an Xbox One:

1.       Tap the shining Home Key on the Xbox controller.
2.       Go to the “System” window.
3.       Now press on “Settings.”
4.       Locate “Display and Sound.”
5.       Choose “Video Output.”
6.       Now press on “Calibrate TV.”
7.       Keep tapping “Next” until the calibration process is finalized.
The players may need to continue the process a few times, but it will eventually fix the issue.

Bella Williams, an employee currently living in USA and working at a top printer service provider company in the day, and a technical writer at night. I am passionate about writing troubleshooting tips, beginner’s guides, news and other articles on varied topics like Panasonic Printer Support, lexmark printer support etc.