Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pokemon GO: Raid Boss List Revealed For May 2019

Finally, Pokemon GO trainers are up with the exciting events and challenges of April as the new Lake Trio event has already had started the month of May with exclusive new challenges.

A complete list of all the Raid Bosses is out for players to undermine various strategies to go with during this month of May to secure victory in upcoming events and challenges. 

Players are already looking for mysterious Lake Trio Pokemon which features three Legendary Pokemon namely Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie, but with a catch. The three Pokemon will spawn at different regions so players can only have one of the three Legendary Pokemon during this event.

Still, players have more high-value Raid Events to look for while hunting the Lake Trio Pokemon. Trainers can even find Gengar and Tyranitar while looking for Lake Trio Raid Bosses.

Players can refer to the list below to undermine various available Raid Battles for the month of May and ensure different strategies to counter them during the fight easily.

         Level One Raid Pokemon
Drifloon: Ghost/Flying Type
Duskull: Ghost Type   
Shinx: Electric Type
Shuppet: Ghost Type    

         Level Two Raid Pokemon
Sneasel: Dark/Ice Type
Pineco: Bug Type
Exeggutor: Grass/Psychic Type
Misdreavus: Ghost Type
Mawile: Steel/Fairy Type

         Level Three Raid Pokemon
Scyther: Bug/Flying Type
Gengar: Ghost/Poison Type
Machamp: Fighting Type
Sharpedo: Water/Dark Type   
Raichu: Electric Type

         Level Four Raid Pokemon
Houndoom: Dark/Fire Type   
Tyranitar: Rock/Dark Type
Absol: Dark Type   
Shiftry: Grass/Dark Type

         Ex Raid Pokemon
Deoxys: Psychic Type

         Level Five Raid Pokemon
Azelf: Psychic Type
Uxie: Psychic Type
Mesprit: Psychic Type

Currently, the list confirms a number of new and exclusive Pokemon; still, some changes in the above-mentioned list are quite possible, so players should refer to the in-game news feed and assure the ongoing events and challenges to gather various resources like Rare Candy, Pokeballs and Pokemon Eggs. 

Developers at Niantic are surely making a tremendous effort to keep their users busy while playing Pokemon GO as a slew of new Raid Bosses events are on the horizon. Pokemon GO trainers will be able to attain various different types of Pokemon during May as the leaked list suggest plenty of Pokemon Type to deal with.

Players will be able to balance out their current team of Pokemon and use the missing Pokemon type from their fitting team. Every different form of Pokemon has its own unique properties which let them counter other Pokemon. So players can ensure to collect all the Raid Boss Pokemon as they could come in handy for future explorations.

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