Monday, June 10, 2019

Top 7 Media Server Apps available in 2019

With the launch of cloud-based streaming service like Netflix, the demand for media server apps has decreased. But they are still reliable for organizing and sharing media content around. You don't have to think about buffering problems and can access media content from any device everywhere. On that note, let's have a look at the best media server apps available in 2019.

1. Plex

Plex needs no introduction as it comes as an excellent media app, which is capable of organizing all the media content ideally at one place. You can easily access the media content from anywhere you desire. This app the ideal for you if wish to have full control upon your content collection. From pictures to the TV show to music to movies, you can manage everything with ease. It is based on the server-client model and allows you to create a server from one place, like PC, and store all the content over there. After saving the content, you can access through a client such as your smartphone.

2. Emby

Emby is another excellent alternative for you if you are not satisfied with Plex. This media server application is made according to the client-server system. You can easily install it on any of your devices as it supports various platforms. The best thing is you only need to add the media content, and it will arrange the files accordingly through metadata and other details required. Even there is a dedicated web portal for Emby, which allows you to access all the stored data by logging in with your Emby account only. It comes with both free and a premium plan for using. 
3. Serviio

Host your local media content and stream easily with the use of Serviio application. It is being offered as a partly-free media server application, which consists of outstanding features. Most of the service being provided with Serviio is free, but you will have to get the paid version for accessing content on the web. You can even manage the library through voice command as it is compatible with Alexa. It can play a variety of media formats ideally and offers inbuilt support to subtitles as well as transcoders. 

4. Kodi

Kodi is yet another excellent alternative for Plex and a great media server application. It is an open source and free app, which is destined to provide a great experience with media contents. Same as Plex, it is capable of organizing all the local media content through metadata, banners, and more. Though the media streaming support on the web is missing on Kodi, and it is not possible to access the media library from anywhere. You can get this application on different platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, and more. 

5. Universal Media Player

Based on the PlayStation 3 fork, Universal Media Player comes as a free media server application. It is available on Linux, Mac, NAS Devices, and Windows. A lot of media formats can be accessed easily through this application. If you need an outstanding media server without spending a single penny, this one is the perfect solution for you.  

6. Media Portal

Media Portal is also an open source and free media server app like most of the apps featured in this list. You can access this application on Android, Windows, and web only. It will work as an ideal entertainment hub and perfect for organizing local media content. This application supports plugin too, along with various media formats. 


If you are looking for an appealing media server app with out-of-the-box design, OSMC is made especially for you. It has almost the same features as Kodi and an app store for downloading and installing music and Live TV services. With the use of FTP, SMB, or UPnP protocol, this open source and free media server app allows you to access content in your local network.

Use these media server apps for enjoying the media library content entirely!

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