Wednesday, June 19, 2019

How to fix low volume problem in Netflix?

Many users are not able to change their sound volume of Netflix on their Windows 10 PC. Most of the users are facing the problem even when their Netflix sound volume is up to 100%, still, they are not able to hear the sound. So, if you are one of them, then follow the steps mentioned below to fix the low volume problem in Netflix.

Here's How to Fix Low Volume Problem in Netflix

Steps to Disable the Exclusive Mode
·         Click on the Windows and R keys together for opening the prompt box.
·         Enter "mmsys.cpl" in the given box.
·         Click on the Enter button for opening the Sound menu.
·         Press on the Yes button to permit access to admin.
·         After opening that window, choose the PlayBack option.
·         After that, you need to right-click on the playback device which is available now.
·         Then, select the Properties option by going to the pop-up menu.
·         You need to find the device which has a green tick icon given on the next side of its symbol.
·         Go to the Device Properties column.
·         On the Device Properties window, choose the Advances option by going to the menu list located at the upper side of the display.
·         Click on the Advanced option.
·         Open the Exclusive Mode column.
·         Unselect the checkbox linked with the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device option.
·         Press on the Apply option for saving the changes which you have made.
·         After that, start the device again so that all the changes get saved.
·         After completing the next startup sequence, go to the Netflix application once again.

·         Now, you need to check that the low volume problem in Netflix is solved or not.

·         In case you have not to fix low volume problem in Netflix yet, then you can follow the other method which is listed below.
Steps to Reset the Data of Netflix Application
·         Click on the Windows and R keys to go to the pop-up box.
·         After that, enter the "ms-settings:appsfeature" in the edit box.
·         Click on the Enter button to launch the Apps and Features option located on the Settings application.
·         After going to that window, open the Apps and Features column.
·         Slide down with the menu list of all the apps.
·         Find the Netflix application.
·         After getting the application. Press on it.
·         After that, press on the Advances button given below the Name and Publisher options.
·         Slide down to the Reset option located in the Netflix properties display.
·         Press on the Reset option for removing the data of the Netflix app to fix low volume problem in Netflix.
·         After completing this process, start the system again.
·         Check whether this problem was fixed or not.
·         In case still you are facing this issue, then go back to the Netflix Properties menu list.
·         Press on the Uninstall option.
·         After that, verify the given prompt to start the uninstalling process of the Netflix app.
·         Start the device again.
·         Let the startup sequence to finish its procedure.
·         Click on the Windows and R keys together to launch the pop-up menu.
·         After that, enter "ms-windows-store;//home" in the provided field.
·         Then, press on the Install option for downloading the Netflix application again.
·         Check whether the downloading process of Netflix application is completed or not.
·         Once you have fixed low volume problem in Netflix, you can change the sound volume without facing any problem.

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