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Dragon Age 4: Things We Know So Far About Tevinter

Even though the previous installment of the Dragon Age franchise released five years ago, the hype surrounding the game never really died. Dragon Age 4 was heavily speculated to take place in Tevinter, and although Tevinter is uncharted territory, there is a lot more knowledge about the region than you may know.

The Tevinter Imperium is a nation run by mages, also formally known as Magocracy and lead by the Imperial Archon. With its rich history, it has a massive impact on Thedas, whereas having some notable moments could offer the potential setting of Dragon Age 4.  There is one Archon called Thalsian who brought back the Old Gods to the nation. Also, when Tevinter attacked the home of the Dalish Elves i.e., the Arlathan Forest, some imagery dragon that burned the country with fire later on, supposedly.  

Eventually, blood magic is utilized to destroy the central city that leads to stripping Elve's culture and enslavement. Tevinter would develop the magical power in the Thedas Dragon's Age setting and expand across the globe. Most importantly, lots of blood pact is allocated to enter the fade, come back as the first darkspawn, commenced the First Blight, and to corrupt the Golden city as well.

More Things to Learn About Tevinter:  Dragon Age 4
Tevinter was weakened after the Grey Wardens defeated the Archdemon Dumat, ultimately with high-ranking marches and various rebellions. By the time of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Tevinter fought a war with the Qunari and formally criticized the Dragon Age: Inquisition Venatori antagonists. There is also no doubt that the event of Trespasses DLC and Inquisition have gigantic allegations for Dragon Age 4. It is also worth mentioning that some speculations marching forward, but still, nothing has been verified by BioWare. Some time back, it was revealed that Dragon Age 4 Joplin Project got canceled, would see gamers take on the in-game spies role based in Tevinter.  

In case the on-going Morrison project of Dragon Age 4 will take a different path entirely, whether this is utilized or not. However, having Tevinter as the primary nation seems like something big is coming for gamers to enjoy in the leisure time.  Its past implies numerous contexts for on-going episodes. For instance, the wardens are infamous for finding the cure to the calling, and only two Archdemons are lasting. One of them is Darkspawn, the intelligent or the ubiquitous threat of another blight. 

The whole time, events of Dragon Age: Solas, Inquisition, Abelas, or other context pieces of evidence leads all up to the betrayal of the party by realizing the true identity as the Dread Wolf, Fen' Harel is Solas. At last, it is safe to guess that Dragon Age 4 will carry out this story.

Final Saying 

All in all, the game is based on stopping Solas from destroying the globe to bring back the Elves. You might also see other components connected to this event, such as the Qunari wars, the Blights, and more. Anyway, the release date of Dragon Age 4 is still far off, whereas choosing Tevinter as the central location and that makes fans awaiting a dominant come back.

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