Thursday, November 7, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite Darkfire Bundle

There is no doubt that Fortnite is one of the most beloved games around the globe, and a lot of that fame is due to how brilliantly Epic Games can market it. Also, they have gotten perfect at putting Fortnite where it is visible to the average users, which makes them curious about what all the commotion is all about. To that end, a new Fortnite bundle is now available that will surely make the game even more visible to gamers all around the world.

Besides, Epic game has announced Fortnite Darkfire Bundle for the users with the latest retail-based option to access it. Once more, the company has teamed up with the Interactive Entertainment and Warner Bros, who also supported the distribution of Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle. Besides, users can access the Darkfire bundle using PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as well. In case, you want to know the details for Fortnite Darkfire Bundle, then check the information given below.

Know More about Darkfire Bundle Skins, Pickaxes and Wraps

There are in total 13 latest items available in the Fortnite Darkfire Bundle. It includes pickaxes, a new dark-themed character, and bundle-based events. On top of that, there are three new wraps present, which you can use to make your character do different sorts of balletic en pointe with their legs or feet. Those are:
        Dark Power Chord Outfit
        Unification Emote
        Shadow Ark Outfit
        Shadow Strikers Dual-wielding Pickaxe
        Dark Angular Shift Wrap
        Dark Strikers Dual-wielding Pickaxe
        Shadow Ark Wings Back Bling
        Molten Omen Outfit
        Molten Battle Shroud Back Bling
        Shadow Angular Sift Wrap
        Dark Six String Back Bling
        Molten Angular Shift Wrap

According to Epic Games, it is worth to spend 30$ for the items available in the Darkfire bundle, as players can avail an extra 50$’s worth items for free in the purchase of 30$ stuff. The most popular things to do in the game are unlocking new character skins, pickaxes, and other cosmetic stuff. That is why, this is something that users would definitely be interested in.
Final Sayings

All in all, gamers who already own Fortnite can now easily buy the latest items from the in-game store. Otherwise, you can grab a copy from a retail store in just 30$. So, don’t waste your time and access the fantastic and thrilling holiday season’s Darkfire bundle to enjoy the game in your leisure time.

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